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По умолчанию Значения планет в эллинистической астрологии..

Предлагаю не пройти мимо от ещё одного сообщения astrojin-а, который на блогах сайта деборы Холдинг решил поделиться тем, что делали эллинистические астрологи:

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 1:41 am Post subject: Hellenistic Astrology 3: The meanings of the planets

Hello again,

According to Schmidt (and probably some of the Project Hindsight members), the meanings of the planets should not only be related to the primordial qualities (Hot, Cold, Wet and Dry). It seemed that the ancient astrologers (one of which is Valens) listed some of the keywords of the meanings of the planets that do not have much relationship with the primordial qualities. It was Ptolemy who relate the planets to the primordial qualities (or at least clearly stated so in his Tetrabiblos).

So, (although many said that Ptolemy was not the typical Hellenistic astrologer), I shall first list the meanings of the planets connected to the primordial qualities according to Ptolemy (and Aristotle).

In Aristotelian philosophy there are four primordial/primary qualities i.e. hot, cold, moist (also known as wet) and dry. Hot and cold are active contraries whereas dry and moist are passive contraries. Contraries mean they cannot be combined i.e. you cannot have a combination of (hot and cold) or (wet and dry). Active means it is more towards affecting others (more independent) and passive means the qualities are actually dependent on the active qualities (it is heat that dries things and it is cold that moistens things).

Hot and moist (or wet) are life-enhancing (you need heat and moist to produce life) and cold and dry are anti-life (dryness and coldness are destructive to life).

So we have,

Hot: active and life enhancing, contrary to cold.

Cold: active and anti-life, contrary to hot.

Moist/Wet: passive and life enhancing, contrary to dry.

Dry: passive and anti-life, contrary to moist.

An active quality can only be combined with a passive quality. Consequently, there are four possible combinations of the primary qualities giving the four elements of Empedocles. Hot and Dry = Fire, Hot and Moist = Air, Cold and Dry = Earth, Cold and Moist = Water.

Ptolemy then uses Aristotelian philosophy of primary qualities (who used the 4 qualities as the more "elementary" than the 4 elements) to describe the planets which then gives general meanings to those planets.

Saturn being the last Chaldean circle is the farthest from the sun - hence cold and dry with excess in cold. Both qualities are anti-life and one of the destructive qualities is in excess - making Saturn the greater malefic.

Next comes Jupiter who is associated with hot and moist, both of which are life enhancing and of moderate nature - making Jupiter the greater benefic.

The rest you can read in Tetrabiblos (can be downloaded free from this site in the links/online texts section).

The "modern" hellenistic astrologers (one of which is of course, Schmidt) says that the keywords associated with the planets in the Hellenistic sources could be grouped into "major keywords":

Saturn: excluding and rejecting
Jupiter: confirming and stabilizing
Mars: cutting, to sever and to separate
Sun: selection
Venus: reconciliation and unification
Mercury: destabilizing and contesting
Moon: gathering and including

Schmidt also says that the meanings of the planets can also be derived from the relationship of the signs that the planet rule by domicile and exaltation. We consider only domicile and exaltation because only domicile and exaltation rulers are whole sign rulers. Trigon/Triplicity rulers (though ruling whole signs) are actually ruling the trigon of signs – not signs themselves. The examples given below are some of the associations that Schmidt gave in one of his lectures and some are those than I can think of.

Taking planets that share domicile and exaltation rulerships of a sign:

1. Mars is domicile ruler of Aries and Sun is exalted ruler of Aries:
Mars is a malefic and Sun is generally a benefic – hence, meanings are opposite & complementary.

Sun and Mars rule men generally with sun ruling commanders and Mars ruling soldiers.
Sun and Mars rule energy with Sun ruling controlled energy that gives motion and Mars ruling uncontrolled feral energy.
Sun and Mars rule power with Sun ruling authoritative influential power and Mars ruling forceful power.
Sun can be malefic when it is near a planet and Mars is naturally a malefic. Mars destroys by cutting and severing whereas Sun destroys by burning.
Both sun and Mars rule two vital organs in humans i.e. head (Mars) and heart (Sun).
In modern astrology, both Sun and Mars have extrovert and proactive qualities with Mars wanting to be the first and Sun wanting to be the center of attention.

2. Venus is domicile ruler of Taurus and Moon is exalted ruler of Taurus:
Venus is a benefic and Moon is generally a benefic – hence, meanings are similar and complementary.

Both represent women. Emotion (Moon) and desire (Venus) are inseparable.

3. Moon is domicile ruler of Cancer and Jupiter is exalted ruler of Cancer:
Moon is generally a benefic and Jupiter is a benefic – hence, meanings are similar and complementary.

Both mean getting children. Jupiter represents begetting of children and Moon represents conception of children.

4. Venus is domicile ruler of Libra and Saturn is exalted ruler of Libra:
Venus is a benefic and Saturn is a malefic – hence, meanings are opposite and complementary.

Venus: friendliness, purity, social, marriage by love, sweet
Saturn: rudeness, dirt, solitary, marriage by contract, sour

5. Saturn is domicile ruler of Capricorn and Mars is exalted ruler of Capricorn:
Saturn is a malefic and Mars is also a malefic – hence, meanings are similar and complementary.

Mars: acute, fever (heat)
Saturn: chronic, chill (cold)

6. Jupiter is domicile ruler of Pisces and Venus is exalted ruler of Pisces:
Jupiter is a benefic and Venus is also a benefic – hence, meanings are similar and complementary.

Jupiter: knowledge of spiritual truths, higher pleasures
Venus: religious observance and piety, bodily pleasures

Taking planets whose domiciles are opposite one another:
1. Venus rules Taurus and Libra whereas Mars rules Scorpio and Aries. Meanings are opposite.

Venus: unification, friendship
Mars: sundering, enmities

2. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo whereas Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Meanings are opposite.

Mercury: small, servility, contesting, knowledge through intellectual exercise
Jupiter: big, freedom, deciding/confirming, knowledge through inspiration

3. Sun rules Leo whereas Saturn rules Aquarius. Meanings are opposite.

Sun: select, motion, action
Saturn: reject, static, sloth

4. Moon rules Cancer whereas Saturn rules Capricorn. Meanings are opposite.

Moon: gathering/including, nurturing one’s own children, collect and own
Saturn: rejecting/excluding, fostering children, trusteeship

Taking planets whose exaltations are opposite one another:
1. Sun is exalted in Aries whereas Saturn is exalted in Libra. Meanings are opposite.
[See Above].

Saturn is exalted where Sun is fall and Sun is exalted where Saturn is fall. Where light and heat exalts, cold and darkness are depressed. Where light and heat are depressed, cold and darkness are exalted.

2. Moon is exalted in Taurus whereas nobody is exalted in Scorpio. Meanings are opposite.

Where Fortune (Moon) exalts, nobody can depress. Where Fortune (Moon) is depressed, nobody can exalt.

3. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer whereas Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Meanings are opposite.

Jupiter: abundance, life, spiritual, wise,…

Mars: cutting short, death, anti-spiritual, rash/impulsive,…

4. Mercury is exalted in Virgo whereas Venus is exalted in Pisces. Meanings are opposite.

Mercury: contests, logic, intellectual, arguments
Venus: obedience, rhetoric, sensual, pleasures
Where intellectual increases, pleasures are depressed and vice versa.


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