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несу свет и радость людям
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Сообщение от Vladimir
Он и Плутон использует - к картах матчей. :)

О ужас..
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Это Фроули, "Спортивная астрология".

ээээ... неверно, Владимир
Это американская женщина некая Joyce Wehrman, на основе ее "теории" энтузиасты создали программу, вроде называется WinningTime... или сайт называется...
Да, она использовала систему Коха. Как и многие американцы.


In 1980, Joyce Wehrman wrote a pamphlet called “Winning! Zodiacal
Timing” where she detailed a method that was working for her. It uses the
current house cusps at the place she was gambling. When these transiting
house cusps (she used the Koch house system) were pointing to lucky
planets or points in her chart she found she was much more likely to win.
This method involved a lot of work, but, for her and the many people she
shared her technique with, it seemed to produce surprising results. She
visited Matrix Software to help us design our Winning report program for
DOS and taught us her techniques and all of the modifications that she was
always working on.
Her main technique consisted of two absolute principles:
1 One of your natal planets must be “On the Wheel.” This means the chart
for the current place and time must have a house cusp (any except the
6th or 12th) activating a natal point by conjunction, square, or
2 You must have a transiting planet activating your natal chart. The natal
planet should be a gambling planet. A gambling planet is any natal
planet that is in or ruling the 5th house of speculation, the 9th house of
gambling and luck, the 2nd and 8th houses of money, the 11th house
of dreams, or the 10th house as second house of money for the ninth
cusp. Your midheaven and ascendant are always used because they
represent you. Activation means making either a conjunction, opposition,
or square. She used other minor aspects at times but was cautious
with them.
She also cautioned against gambling when a midpoint involving Mars,
Saturn, or Neptune are activating you natal chart.
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